The feathers of a dead angel or of a dove attacked by a bird of prey? Under this downy snow, the two main characters of Aura begin their journey in this book that can be read in both directions until they meet in the middle. 

In its most literal form, Aura is the story of a crime driven by madness, but in its figurative sense, Aura is the celebration of the critical mind. 

Aura makes us reflect on the different perceptions that there may be on a subject, the principles that move us and the relativity of good and evil. 

Two Front Covers

Aura has two front covers, as the the book can be read in two directions. It describes the train of events that the main characters, Aura and the policeman, undergo. Part A describes the vision of Aura on the events. Part B describes the vision the policeman. The central page is where the story of the two characters meets. It unfolds into a 4 page illustration.  


Author: Francisco Javier Fernández Casado

Publishing House: UNO (2023)
Design and Illustrations: Carolina de Bruijn
Dimensions: 20 cm x 20 cm

Published in Spain, in color